NYIF Login: All applicants can login NYIF account and check the status of their loan application dashboard.

According to information posted on social media on NYIF‘s official portal today, the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund has begun approving the loan application status of some candidates.

Therefore, applicants who have been shortlisted for the program are recommended to visit the official NYIF portal to check their credit status at the beginning of approval on their dashboard.

Applicants of National Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) can login to their NYIF dashboard and updates their bank account details.

However, the program is a government-approved program developed by the federal government in collaboration with NIRSAL Microfinance Bank (NMFB) and the Nigerian Central Bank to empower young Nigerian entrepreneurs in the country. The program that started early last year as it has benefited over thousands of applicants.

Please all candidates are encouraged to log into the above portal and verify that their loan application status is approved or pending by using email / BVN / phone number and then a password.

Below are the steps to log into the portal and visit NYIF Dashboard:

1. Visit the NYIF Login Official Portal from your phone or desktop computer.

2. Enter your login details (email address and password).

3. Click on “Dashboard” and select the Loan Status tab.

4. Then click “Next” where your account information is required.

5. Then, after you have specified the required requirements in number ‘4’, click on “Summit”.

Congratulations to the successful applicants.

If you are unable to log into the portal or are having issues with the National Youth Investment Fund (NYIF), please feel free to leave a comment to assist you.

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