AU–EU Youth Hub Support for Civil Society Organisations (Funded to Paris Peace Forum 2019 in Paris, France)

Application Deadline:Friday 21st of June 2019

Less than a year ago, youth from Africa & Europe developed new ideas on six topics, essential to the AU-EU Partnership. The outcome (AU-EU Youth Declaration and Agenda) was presented at the 5th AU-EU Summit in Abidjan.

The AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub is where African & European Youth THINK and ACT TOGETHER.
The AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub, launched in October 2018, is about turning some of those ideas into reality; piloting them on a small scale but with maximum impact, visibility and result-evidence. With €10 million, civil society organisations, and 42 Young Experts from both continents as core drivers.

The AU-EU Youth Hub is calling on all civil society organisations to submit concept notes for the AU-EU Youth Hub Call for Proposals. The Call makes available EUR 10 million in 7 lots:

Culture, Arts and Sports
Peace and Security
Governance and Political Inclusion (Accountability)
Governance and Political Inclusion (Remittances)
Environment Preservation and Climate Change
Education and Skills
Business, Job Creation and Entrepreneurship
The AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub was selected by the Paris Peace Forum, out of 119 other projects, as one of the top 10 governance initiatives. This nomination will enable the Hub to benefit from expertise, visibility and financial help from the organisers of the Paris Peace Forum for the coming year.

1st week of October

Selection of 42 African and European youth to take part in the Hub. Introduction of cluster team members and start of initial research and virtual meetings.

27 October – 4 November: Addis Ababa

First Hub Session: a 10-day workshop with the AU & the EU to define the scope of pilot projects. Workshop supported by GiZ.

11-13 November: Paris

Presentation of the AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub at the Paris Peace Forum.

For More Information: Visit the Official Webpage of the Call for Proposals: AU – EU Youth Hub Support for Civil Society Organisations

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