Borno State Scholarship Portal |

Borno State Scholarship Portal |

Borno state Citizens can now apply for scholarship via the the Borno State Scholarship Portal via

Breaking News!!! This is to inform all Borno State indigenes across the country that the state scholarship portal is open for students to apply for Scholarship program at Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe with Underlisted criteria;

  • Prospective awardees must be Borno state indigenes
  • Prospective awardees must be Undergraduate students in their first year of study i.e. (100 level only) in any Nigerian University.
  • The award is open to all course of study
  • The email address and phone number(s) of the prospective awardees to be written correctly.

The Borno state scholarship Board was until the January 1989 a Division within the ministry of Education, by January 1989 the Board was upgraded and given an autonomous status, the board was established by Edict No. 3 of 1989 which became effective as an autonomous body on 13th day of April, 1989.

The Board was saddled with the responsibility of conducting interview for students for scholarship award and disbursement of allowances to all eligible candidates of Borno State indigenes who gained admission into institution of higher learning in the country and overseas as foreign sponsorship or allowances.

Eligible Candidates –  Borno State Scholarship Portal |

  • Undergraduate Students in recognised Universities across Nigeria
  • ND and HND Students in recognised Polytechnics across Nigeria
  • NCE Students in recognised Colleges of Education across Nigeria
  • Borno State Indegenes Intending to Study abroad

For more Information: Visit the Borno State Scholarship Portal :

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