City of Benton Harbor Summer Youth Employment Program 2021 (Funded)

City of Benton Harbor Summer Youth Employment Program 2021 (Funded)

Plans to hire 60 to 80 Benton Harbor resident youth between the ages of 14 to 19 years of age. Youth will perform various public services jobs in streets, parks, and other public venues. Corey Sterling will be Coordinator of the youth employment program . Youth Employment Project funded by $200,000 HUD CDBG grant.

This program will assist many inner-city youths by giving them something meaningful to do over the summer, teach them the value of a job what it takes to keep one, help them make some money which helps them and their families prepare for the next school year.

Within the next eight to ten days, the City will seek to identify, take applications from and hire youth who live within the City of Benton Harbor to be assigned to crews to work on various assignments.

The youth will be between the ages of 14 and 19 years of age. Eighteen (18) and nineteen (19) year old youth will be required to complete a full application and to pass a physical exam, complete with drug test because they are considered to be adults.

While we would like to help everyone, HUD regulations require that we limit this program to only residents of the City, not the 49022-zip code. Also, in order to assist as many families as possible, only one child per family will be hired, except in the instance of larger families that may have five (5) or more eligible youth.

The application package will be posted on the City’s Web site where it can be downloaded, completed and submitted to the City by mail to:

Youth Employment Program, City of Benton Harbor, MI 49022; emailed to; or turned in in person to Corey Sterling at (269) 277-2431 or at his office location at the Benton Harbor High School New Student Commons.

For more Information: Visit the website of City of Benton Harbor Summer Youth Employment Program

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