Commonwealth Scholarship 2022-23 Alumni Community Engagement Fund

Deadline: May 24, 2022

Applications are invited for the Commonwealth Scholarship Alumni Community Engagement Fund 2022-2023. The CSC’s Alumni Community Engagement Fund (ACEF) is an annual fund which seeks to support Commonwealth Alumni in raising awareness of key development issues at the community level through the organisation of an engagement activity.

Small changes implemented at the community level can lead to big impact over time. ACEF supports Commonwealth Alumni in delivering engaging activities designed to raise awareness and support individuals in implementing small changes at the community level with the aim of achieving long-term positive impact.

This is an exciting opportunity for you to develop and deliver a community-focused activity designed to raise awareness on a range of challenges related to one of the above-mentioned themes. Activities may include skills development opportunities; lectures, seminars, workshops; public service projects; and events which invite discussion and problem-solving.

Thematic Areas

This year, the CSC will be offering ACEF opportunities which will address two different themes:

  • Clean energy, air and oceans
  • Sport for development: equality, diversity and representation
  • Successful applicants will be awarded a £1,000 GBP equivalent grant to support their activity delivery.
  • Alumni may apply as individuals, as a CSC Alumni Association, or as a group of Commonwealth Alumni (not part of an existing association).
  • Applications to support existing work, projects, or activities will not be considered.
  • Activity design: includes clear and achievable outputs which meet the activity and ACEF objectives and is relevant to the identified community audience
  • Viability of the activity: the activity is realistic to its objectives and can be implemented by the alumni organiser(s)
  • Value for money: the activity is supported by a detailed and reasonable budget breakdown (original and converted GBP costs) which follows funding guidance provided
  • Evidence of alumni expertise: alumni will be involved in the activity development and delivery at all stages and will draw on their expertise and knowledge to support effective and impactful delivery
  • Risk assessment and management: identified risks associated with the activity and how they will be managed are outlined in the application
  • Stakeholder engagement: an outline on how to engage and manage activity stakeholders is provided to ensure effective and impactful delivery
  • Key outputs: outline how the activity will have longer-term impact on attendees/participants/stakeholders, beyond the activity itself. You should consider how this will be evaluated when developing your activity

To apply, you must read the Alumni Community Engagement Fund 2022-23 Terms and Conditions and complete the online application form. To view application questions before completing the online form, you can see a PDF copy first.

The deadline for applications is 23:59 (BST) on Tuesday, May 24, 2022. Applications received after this deadline will not be considered. Please note that the CSC is not able to provide feedback on unsuccessful applications.

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For more information, visit CSC Alumni Community Engagement Fund.