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This document would serve as a guide on how to carry out your task effectively & efficiently.

You are required to collect data points for a Virtual Food Survey. You would be required to meet with food store owners to complete forms, ascertain business size and take pictures of the location showing the business or business logo.

NOTE: In a case where you have poor internet connectivity, you will still be able to capture data and submit. However, these entries will be stored and queued on your device until the internet connection is restored before they get submitted to the system.


1. Biodata & Information Entry
Agent is expected to gather basic information from the individual taking the survey. Agent should ensure they collect all REQUIRED information. For Example:
FULL NAME: Uchechukwu Tomisin Dauda
PHONE: 08001234567
AGE: 41-50
BUSINESS NAME: Toma Capers Food Store
BUSINESS ADDRESS: 41, Egbeda Estate, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti
EARNINGS: 10,000 – 20,000 per month
STATE: Bayelsa
LGA: Yenagoa Local Government
All required information has been entered.

2. Outlet Identification
Agent is expected to identify the type of outlet. Options include:
❏ Kiosk: Structures that do not have a foundation and can be moved from one location to another.
E.g. Michai Kiosk.
❏ Semi Retailers: Retailers who sell wholesale, break cartons into smaller packs of whole e.g. break a
40 carton noodles into a pack of 12 or a pack of 18 noodles.
❏ Supermarkets: A Supermarket is a self-service shop (individuals pick any item of interest from aisles
and purchase at pay points within the mall) food e.g. Shoprite.

❏ Street Bukka: A Bukka refers to a local food joint that serves local food. It could be in an enclosed
or an open space e.g. Mamaput.
❏ Quick Service Restaurant (QSR): A Quick Service Restaurant serves different cuisines with one or
more tables and a menu, usually a trained chef, and service providers are dressed in uniforms e.g. Chicken Republic.

3. Size of Business & Payment Channel
Agent is expected to identify the size of the business. This is measured by the number of Cashier Points. The
Options include
❏ Small Business: 1 Cash Point
❏ Medium: 2 – 4 Cash Points
❏ Large: 5 and above
Agent is expected to inquire from contact person the types of payment method used at the outlet. Options
provided include:
❏ Point of Sale (P.O.S)
❏ Cash
❏ Transfer

4. Picture
Agent is expected to take Pictures of the outlet visited, showing the complete front view showing the
outlet name if available. Please note: Selfies will not be accepted
Kindly take note of the following:
❏ Please note that this process is a prerequisite for engagement.
❏ Please DO NOT attempt the assessment without going through the Training Manual.
❏ Please DO NOT take the assessment twice. Duplicate submission is an automatic
❏ Please READ & UNDERSTAND each question THOROUGHLY before attempting to answer.


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