DBE Urges Limpopo Parents To Register For 2023 GDE School Admissions

DBE Urges Limpopo Parents To Register For 2023 GDE School Admissions

The Department of Basic Education in Limpopo is calling on all parents who have applied for school admission to register their children. The department aims to finalize the registration process within the next few days.

If you reside in Limpopo and are looking to have your children admitted to a school in the province next year, the provincial Education Department has officially opened its 2023 registrations for school admissions for Grade R to Grade 11. The department has urged applicants to register as soon as possible.

Admission applications began on Tuesday 24 May earlier this year and are due to close on Friday 29 July 2022 according to a statement by the department. The department further stated that starting in 2023, walk-in applications will be the only ones it accepts for learner admission to public schools.

Limpopo Education MEC, Lerule-Ramakhanya has stressed the importance of being proactive since it will lessen the difficulties that circuits and schools encounter each year when it comes to annual registration.

She also advised parents, especially those who live in townships and villages, to consider schools located closer to their communities before urban schools because they share a common curriculum.

Furthermore, according to the MEC, the transfer of students from village and township schools to urban schools has dramatically decreased student enrolment in the majority of rural schools. This has caused schools that do not meet the necessary threshold to merge or close.

The department added that lower grades (grades R and 1) and students who are either changing schools or progressing further are the department’s key areas of priority.

The department also stated that applicants will receive application responses by the end of August 2022 and that confirmation forms will be given to returning students in September 2022. After completing the registration process, the department will then communicate the number of all received and processed applications.