Department of Basic Education (DBE) To Drop Teacher Assistants

Department of Basic Education (DBE) To Drop Teacher Assistants

The Department of Basic Education has now returned to full capacity and is considering the number of assistants that schools can accommodate and the budgetary requirements as well as the value added by assistants in schools.

It was decided that some candidates no longer meet the requirements to remain in the programme, therefore, not everyone will continue into Phase III. Upon the youth’s exit. the Department through eCubed Technologies will provide exit packages which may include: how to build a CV, service letter and information on other opportunities that the youth may access.

It is worth noting that some of the youth who were initially part of the cohort in Phase I and II have since found employment elsewhere: registered for further studies or left the programme to pursue other opportunities.

The PYEI has, in this regard. fulfilled one of its mandates, that being the creation of pathways to further opportunities and success for the youth.

All schools are required to complete and submit the details of all the youth meeting the requirements to be transitioned from Phase II into Phase III. A type-form is provided for this purpose through the Provincial Education Department (PEDs). The completion of the type-form is thus mandatory.

All schools are required to have their Assistants captured on the National Data Management System (DMS) as this is the official management and reporting system for the initiative. The systems department wants to acknowledge Bhelela Technologies for providing this data management system at no cost to the sector.

The youth remaining in the programme will be given an opportunity to use the skills they have acquired through the training already provided to them in Phase II. to support teaching and learning in our schools.

Originally posted 2022-08-29 20:19:03.