Department of Education in KZN School Admission 2023 Applications Now Open

Department of Education in KZN School Admission 2023 Applications Now Open

Applications for school admissions are now open in Kwazulu-Natal for 2023. Apply early to ensure a smooth start to your child’s academic year.

Kwazulu-Natal’s Education Department has opened their school admissions applications for the 2023 school year. Applications will close on 30 September. Also Read : SASSA Grant Payment March 2022

Application forms can be found at the schools parents and guardians wish to apply to.

Documents that are needed when making an application include the: 

  • Birth certificate (Note that baptismal certificates will not be regarded as proof of birth date)
  • Immunisation card; and
  • Transfer card or last school report card for learners who have been to school previously.

Additional documents required if one is not a South African citizen are: 

  • Study Permit
  • Temporary or permanent residence permit from the Department of Home Affairs; or
  • Evidence that you have applied for permission to stay in South Africa

The department has said, “Apply early to ensure a smooth start to your child’s academic year”.

Parents/guardians are urged to apply to a minimum of three schools with the department explaining that this is important so that parents can secure places for their children and that it “increases the chances for the child to
be placed in one of them, be it second or third choice”.

Once you’ve submitted your school application, you should then follow up on applications three months after submitting your school applications.

Another tip coming from the department was:

Avoid late applications, as they hinder your child’s learning … register their children early on time
in order to prevent bureaucratic hurdles that late registration may present.

The department has said that in previous years, the Department finds itself having to deal with issues of learner admissions on the first day of school due to late registrations.

“Late applications rob learners of their right to quality education as any learner that does not have space by the first day, does not get taught for that day or days prior to securing the space,” said KZN’s Education MEC, Kwazi Mshengu.

Late admissions could also result in overcrowding in schools, which is already a major issue in South African schools.

If the school application was declined, you are then advised to approach the Circuit Office.

The 2023 school year is planned to commence on 18 January and end on 13 December for Kwazulu-Natal schools. These dates could however change as the 2023 school calendar has not yet been finalised.

Originally posted 2022-08-29 20:16:18.