Eisenhower Fellowship 2021 Application for Climate Change Champions

Confronting the urgent challenge of climate change, Eisenhower Fellowships (EF) seeks outstanding applicants for its innovative Fall 2021 Africa Program.

Ascendant midcareer leaders, primarily from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe are invited to propose transformative projects in their respective fields and collaborative solutions to the negative impacts of global warming across Sub-Saharan Africa. Exceptional leaders from other countries with a track record of working regionally also will be considered.

Ideal candidates, ages 32 to 45, are dynamic doers, working in fields actively confronting the consequences of climate change, including agriculture, housing, public safety, environmental protection, finance, water quality, food security and energy, among others.

For more Information: Visit the website for Eisenhower Fellowships 2021

Originally posted 2022-08-29 19:46:46.