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Elearning Ovgu Login

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  1. elearning.ovgu.deE-Learning OvGU

    E-Learning OvGU. Home. Welcome to the central e-learning platform (Moodle) of the University of Magdeburg! This platform offers teachers the opportunity to set up digital teaching and learning rooms, to provide materials, to work cooperatively with your students, or to communicate specific topics. As a student, you can use the Moodle courses …

  2. elearning.ovgu.de › mod › pageE-Learning OvGU: FAQ – unimagdeburg

    1. Close your browser. 2. Open your browser and go to the moodle starting page https://elearning.ovgu.de. 3. On the upper left side of the homepage in the block “LOGIN” select the button “Login with OVGU Account” and insert your OVGU username and the corresponding password (see also “How do I log into moodle?” ).

  3. www.ovgu.de › en › StudyOVGU – myOVGU – Student portal

    Jun 24, 2021 · Student portal myOVGU. The myOvgu portal for students contains central functions. Here you can view and change your own contact details, as well as your passport photo. It is also possible to print out certificates of enrolment and to re-register for the new semester.

  4. www.urz.ovgu.de › urz › enURZ | EN | Moodle (elearning.ovgu.de)

    Apr 17, 2020 · elearning.ovgu.de is only accessible via secure transmission protocol HTTPS users are authenticated by Shibboleth Login Last name, first name and Email address (no more changes possible in Moodle) are synchronized via Shibboleth Expired accounts are locked, deactivated and archived

  5. elearning.ovgu.de › course › indexE-Learning OvGU: Alle Kurse

    In der Bachelor-Vorlesung “Data Mining” besprechen wir Methoden zur Ableitung von Modellen aus Daten.Wir besprechen Methoden zur Klassifikation (Beispielanwendungen: Spam-Erkennung, Bonitätsprüfung)‏

  6. elearning.ovgu.de › course › indexE-Learning OvGU: Alle Kurse

    Students will be introduced to the differences in goals and methods between machine learning and traditional econometric methods. They will also gain a basic understanding of different machine