Gauteng Online School Admission Application Starts Soon

Gauteng Online School Admission Application Starts Soon

Parents and guardians hoping to secure placement for their children may apply for admission for the 2023 academic year at schools during July 2022. Here is what parents need to know before applying.

The Gauteng Education Department has announced that online school admission applications are set to open on 22 July 2022. Parents and guardians will have until 19 August to apply for placement for their children.

Grade 1 and 8 admission applications take place online via the Gauteng Department of Education Online Admissions System. Parents are encouraged to apply to a maximum of 5 schools to ensure placement for their children.

Documents will need to be submitted to all schools applied to within 7 days after applying. Parents may also upload documents on the system to one school for other schools to view.

Applying online to schools can be a bit challenging for some, so to assist these individuals the department has opened decentralised walk-in centres. The centres are open from 08:00 till 16:00.

Those applying online will receive placement offers from 3 October to 30 November 2022. Placement offers will be sent to the parent’s cellphone numbers.

Whereas those applying for Grade R, Grade 2 to 7 and Grade 9 to 12 will need to apply directly to their schools of choice. Parents will need to find out from the schools when and how to apply for placement. Applications may take place at different times so parents are encouraged to contact schools to find out their specific application dates.

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