Helb News on Loan Disbursement Today 31st January 2022

Helb News on Loan Disbursement Today 31st January 2022

In todays latest Helb disbursement news 2022 – We have collated the latest news on helb responses to loan disbursement in batches. If you are looking for helb news update for January 2022, then you have come to the right place.Read on…

Question: Pay batch 3835 today if you really empower dreams,,our dreams are fading away as you comfortably watch

Helb page: Hi , thanks for being of patience to this far, shikilia kidogo tu as we are almost done with its payment process.

Question: Hello Helb! This time you aren’t giving Afya Elimu loans for first applicants ??

Helb Page: Hi, please keep checking our social media pages for updates on when we open, we are yet to open this application

Question: Fake hopes till when just be honest with us and suprise our account please we beg not demand

Helb Page: Niaje, as soon as the batches are paid, you will get our alert.

Question: Batch 3922 please

Helb page: Hi, this was paid, check with the student finance office on the same..

Question: Wakuu mlisema accounts zitatetemeka lini?

Helb Page: Nije, tukizitetemesha tutawajulisha.

Question: I want to start paying, please give me procedures.Anyway 36034705 kuko aje.

Helb Page: Hi, hii bado kuwa disbursed, kindly respond to our DM, about kulipa, you can use any of these modes http://www.helb.co.ke/?ic_mega_menu=repay-loan.

Question: 8130429 since September imekwama verification stage from December date 2.

Helb page: Greetings, your application has passed verification stage, kindly await allocation and disbursement.

Question: What’s my batch number…37108493…kindly STOP ignoring my tweets

Helb Page: Hi, your batch numbers 3870 and 3875 are yet to be released, once done we will alert you, for now kindly be patient.

Question: When are the appeals being opened?

Helb Page: Hi, we are yet to open them, once opened we will alert you.

Originally posted 2022-08-29 20:09:18.