Helb News Today 15th February 2022

Helb News Today 15th February 2022

In todays latest helb disbursement news 2022 : We have collated the latest news on helb responses to loan disbursement in batches. If you are looking for helb news update for February 2022, then you have come to the right place. Read on…

Question: Hey batch number ya I’d 40294342.

Helb official page:  Hi, the loan allocation is underway after which the batch number is assigned.

Question: 3911 lini wakuu?

Helb official Page: Mambo, hii batch inashugulikiwa process ikikamilika tutakujulisha.

Question: Helb office is doing the right thing, kindly guys let’s be patient.

Helb Official Page: Thanks for the patience The Great, we are doing our best on your case as well, leo itakuwa poa.

Question: Thanks for the great work you are doing,we see some hope’s from the previous batche,3911 itakuaje wakuu.

Helb Official Page: Mambo, tunaishugulikia ikishalipwa utaget SMS. notification.

Question: 3914 ni this week ama?

Helb Official Page: Hi, we are doing or best to release it anytime soon, kindly be patient .

Question: 3913 ni when?

Helb official Page: Hi, hii bado tunaishughulikia, iko bado .

Question: When is the payment date for 3914?

Helb Official Page: Good morning, as soon as its ready for payment we shall let you know, kindly be patient.

Question: This is not fair at all some college students are going through hard times and you keep pushing it from 3871 to 3911 are they not human beings for real.

Helb Official Page: Hi, we are working on this batch, allow us to conclude on the process you will be updated upon disbursement.

Question: Batch 3891?

Helb Official Page : Hi, we did release this batch, kindly check it out with the student finance office.

Question: Hi kindly what is happening with batch 3871

Helb Official Page: Hi, we are finalizing on this batch disbursement processing, once done we will communicate.

Question: Wakuu 3909 whatsup.

Helb Official Page:  Hi, we released your batch number last week, kindly wait until tomorrow if you have not received it then check with your bank account.

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