HESFB 2021-2022 loan Scheme Guidelines

HESFB 2021-2022 loan Scheme Guidelines

Applications to the Higher Education Students’ Financing Board (HESFB) Students’ Loan Scheme for the AY2021/22 is now ????! And we have provided the guidelines for online applicants below

HESFB 2021-2022 loan Scheme Guidelines – Online Applicants

  1. Access to the Internet.
  2. Open the website by accessing the URL http://ilmis.hesfb.go.ug
  3. Click on the Apply Now link.
  4. If the applicant is a new user, the Applicant will have to register.
  5. Register or create an account in the ILMIS system with the basic self-information (Names, Email, Mobile No, and Password). The Applicant will successfully register, once all the mandatory information has been given.
  6. Once successfully registered; an acknowledgement email will be sent to the Applicant.
  7. Now, the applicant can login into ILMIS application by using their registered credentials.
    But if the applicant is a registered user, he/she will login his/her account and access the online application form.
  8. Then he/she will start filling in the online Application form.
  9. The Applicant will fill the information in the following sections;
  • Personal details
  • Parent’s details
  • Admission & Loan details
  • Recommendations & Payment
  • Applicant’s checklist
  • Declaration

10. The Applicant can always save, after filling in the information he/she can be having at that moment, since the system only accepts submission only if all the Mandatory Information has been filled in with their accompanying scanned and uploaded documents.

11. When finished filling in, will click submit.

12. On click of the submit button, a Report will be generated; containing the information that has been filled in by the Applicant. This is the partial submission in the ILMIS system. (i.e. Applicant has not yet made the bank payment)

15. Report which will be taken by the Applicant and will be consisting of the following;

  • Personal Details of the applicant
  • Identification documents
  • Current address
  • Permanent address
  • Education background information
  • Details of institution to which you are admitted
  • Recommendations

16. The Applicant takes this Report as printout to these personnels (Local Council 1, Head teacher of previous School/Institution attended, Sub County Chief/Town Clerk) mentioned on the form for recommendations, signatures and stamping.

17. And once he/she finishes the filling in of the Report, the Applicant has to go to the Bank (any Centenary Bank branch), and pays fees which has been pre-defined by HESFB and receives the payment acknowledgement or payment slip from the bank.

18. The Applicant will then scans and upload both the recommendations form and the payment slip and submit it in the system. This is the final submission. Then the application will be availed to HESFB.

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