HM Sadia Umar Farouq on Tvc news – Transcribed Version

Npower News – Transcribed version of the live chat with HM Sadia Umar Farouq – TVC News

Here is a transcribed version of last night tvc chat with HM Sadia Umar Farouq.

TVC ANCHOR : Honorable Minister, Just two days ago beneficiaries of the npower scheme threatened to embark on strike and that’s a repetition of what happened last year October after claims that they have not been paid for 3 months.Help us better understand clearly the status of payment for npower volunteers.

HM SADIYA : Well, you know,there are process and procedures,administrative process. When we came on board the npower program was moved to the ministry in October and that was exactly the month we had this problem of delayed payment.

We have to understand the npower program before we decide to sign for the monies.Now we are also going through another process of administrative procedures.If there are delays,its not intentional,very soon this money will be paid and i want to ensure them that this program is going to continue,we are going to expand on it and we will enroll more beneficiaries into the program.

TVC ANCHOR: Are their plans to employ those currently involved in the npower program?

HM SADIYA: To the best of my understanding,there is no agreement towards that,and these are issues we are looking at,the futuristic exit for our volunteers.If you may recall, then npower volunteers where on boarded in 2016 where the batch 1 is suppose to exit after two years and batch 2 is suppose to exit in July. So we are looking at different exit options for our npower volunteers,this is what the ministry is focused on now.

TVC ANCHOR: What will you say to those agitating for a nationwide strike,we are told they have not been paid for January and today is the 21st of February.What will you say to them?

HM SADIYA: Well, i hve said their delays is not intentional,we are going through administrative procedures  and they should please look at the benefits of this program.They should be appreciative of what the government has done,rather than embarking on a strike.

Originally posted 2022-08-29 19:30:36.