How to apply for Lagos state Employment Trust Fund Digital Nation Africa – IBM

The Lagos State Employment Trust Fund through its technology driven initiative,‘Lagos Innovates’,  is pleased to partner with IBM to implement the Digital – Nation Africa project in Lagos State.


The initiative seeks to train people for 12 to 16 weeks where they will go through a 1-hour to 3-hour classroom workshop. The initiative through a freely accessible online learning environment delivered on IBM cloud, provides a vast range of enabling resources, ranging from introductions to key digital technology through the provision of online courses covering highly sought-after IT topics

The entire duration of the digital skills training comprises three primary learning and enablement journeys namely The Explorer; The Innovator and the New Collar.

The “Explorer” journey : provides users with an overview of the key digital technologies which are both driving the digital platform today and will enable innovation in the future.

The “Innovator” journey : is designed to unleash the creative juices of the users, show them how to turn an idea into reality and provide a platform on which they can create their solution.

The “New Collar” journey : offers the users in-depth training whilst leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to advise them on technical skills required for job acquisition.


Call for application now open.You can register by clicking the “apply” link below


Originally posted 2022-08-29 19:19:53.