How to Correct UIF Application for Payment


Todays latest news on UIF payments – The South Africa Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) is urging applicants to correct errors on their normal benefit claims and submit the missing information to permit our officials to pay.

Common reasons for incomplete claims submitted via uFiling include:

• Termination dates are not captured on U1.19 forms.

• Client’s banking information and details differ from that of the Department of Home Affairs (clients must submit UI.2.8 and UI.49 forms).

• Requests for payments are submitted before a claim is ap proved (request for payments must be submitted after a claim is approved).

• Salary Schedules, Medical Certificates and 1=1 Leave Income (UI.2.7 form) are not uploaded FORM for illness and Maternity Benefits.

How to Correct UIF Application for Payment

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