How To Register on Sayouth mobi Website for Jobs

How To Register on Sayouth mobi Website for Jobs


If you would like to join the SA Youth network please follow these 4 simples steps:STEP 1: Go to on your phone’s internet browser and register there.STEP 2: Answer a few questions that will help us get to know you better so that we can connect you to job opportunities that match your profile.STEP 3: Login to regularly to search for new jobs and complete work-readiness content and become an effective job seeker and also access resources that can help you become a better hustler.STEP 4: Build your profile and keep it up to date by telling us how your journey to earning an income is going.That way we can match you to more opportunities and you do not miss out on any opportunities and also get hold of you when we try to reach you.


ARE YOU STILL STRUGGLING TO REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD?GOOD NEWS you can now stay logged in on! This means you won’t have to log in every time you use But remember to only select “keep me logged in” on your private phone, or devise you trust, never on a shared or public computer.SHOULD IT HAPPEN THAT YOU NEED TO RESET YOUR PASSWORDYou can now create your own personalised security question and answer so that you can easily reset your password yourself if you have changed your phone number or email address.What does this mean: You are now be able to reset your passwords using your security question and answer even if you have changed phone numbers.When resetting your password you no longer get a temporary password but will get a unique link to reset their password” If you haven’t done this already, all you need to do is try to login and you will be prompted create your own personalised security question.Should you still be unclear on what to do call our TOLL-FREE support line on 0800 72 72 72, Mon- Fri, 9AM to 4:30PM and our SA Youth Guides will assist you.

Originally posted 2022-08-29 20:20:18.