How to Scan ID on SA Online Voter Registration Portal

How to Scan ID on South Africa (SA) Online Voter Registration Portal

Is your ID verification not working ? We have outline guidelines on How to scan your identity document when registering online at

How is your ID Verified?

We check that you have uploaded a valid ID Book/ Card  scan/photo. Remember to scan or photograph the back of your ID card.

We use the scan photo of your bar coded ID for validation. Remember to take the photo close to the camera but the whole ID Book/Card must be seen.

Take Note  ——-

  • Accepted File formats – JPG,PNG,PDF,TIFF
  • Blurred ID aren’t readable
  • Dont bend ID Card
  • Make sure the ID is clear and clean
  • Do not take a picture of a damaged ID
  • Try to keep the ID as straight as possible
  • Do not take a selfie with your ID,only the ID is needed.
  • Do not take a photo of two ID’s same time.

If your ID verification failed

Email your details to: and we’ll check your details. Alternatively, phone the Electoral Commission Contact Center during office hours at 0800 11 8000, and we’ll update your details for you.

Tried but I did not rec the OTP

Please be advised that the OTP function needs you to refresh and be patient as it may have expired or there might be a connection issue, if you’re still experiencing issues please forward your details to,za.

How to Scan ID on SA Online Voter Registration Portal

Originally posted 2022-08-29 19:58:01.