How To Sign Up Successfully for NENS App

How To Sign Up Successfully for NENS App

In todays latest Cayman News – We are listening to your feedback about signing up for the NENS App. A few people are experiencing the same error, because they are missing one step – Here is how you remedy it.If you received the above-captioned error or Admin Log Version:, please ensure you carry out the following key steps in your registration process:

Sign Up Successfully for NENS App

Key Step 1: Please ensure your go to the website first and register by completing form. Please check box privacy notice, thereafter click submit Step 2: Download the app from the store – Blackberry AthocKey Step 3: Open the Blackberry AtHoc app on your device• On the registration screen, enter your email address and hit ‘send’ (This must be the same email address used to opt-in)• Check your email for a link from the Blackberry AtHoc system administrator to activate your account• Click ‘verify now’Key Step 4: ENTER THE CODE• Once your email address has been verified, open the Blackberry AtHoc app and enter the organization code• The organization code is HMCI• Press ‘Send’The screen will indicate that you are now set up to receive notificationsIf you have any further issues, please email us at

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