IBM Master the Mainframe Competition for High school and College students worldwide 2019

Deadline: December 31, 2019

Applications are open for the IBM Master the Mainframe Competition 2019. The largest student mainframe competition in the world has returned for its 15th year in a row! This unique, virtual contest is open globally to high school and college students that are interested in gaining skills in a real-world, enterprise computing environment.

Through the program, you can win amazing prizes, while developing critical skills that are in hot demand by the world’s largest and most respected companies. The best part is there is no experience required, it can help you land a career in a Fortune 500 company, and just requires a desire to expand your skillset!

The Master the Mainframe Competition is comprised of three parts. Part One to help you learn the fundamentals of the mainframe, Part Two builds on the fundamentals by teaching you how to program with modern languages, and Part Three puts all your new skills to the test in a “real world” situation. Along the way you will not only build skills, you can earn digital badges, and great prizes.

Besides the awesome prizes, you can obtain unprecedented exposure to a wide variety of enterprise systems, software, and products. You can also earn an Enterprise Computing Open Badge to put on your resume or social media pages, so potential employers can easily find you.


  • Part 1 Finishers: $1 per every person who finishes part one will be donated to a charitable organization.
  • Part 2 Finishers:
  • Exclusive access to IBM Z Career Marketplace Community
  • Earn industry recognized digital badge
  • Part 2 Winners: $150 gift card to the fastest 1o0 finishers
  • Part 3 Finishers:
  • Master the Mainframe Part 3 Finisher t-shirt
  • Earn Industry recognized digital badge
  • Part 3 Winners: $2,750 travel stipend to the top 2 individuals from each region*
  • Grand Prize: The top 3 individuals globally will receive a $1,000 USD cash Educational Scholarship


Anyone who is 13+ years old, and currently a student at a high school or university can compete — no experience is necessary. The contest teaches the skills you’ll need and the competition difficulty increases as you progress through the contest phases.



For more Information: Visit the Website for IBM Master the Mainframe Competition for High school and College students

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