iCreate Africa/Enugu SME Center Empowerment Programme

iCreate Africa/Enugu SME Center Empowerment Programme – Enugu Skillers Associate Network -ENUGU SKILLERS ASSOICIATE (ESA) 

Positioned as the skilled workforce nexus, iCreate Africa creates limitless opportunities for Artisans in the construction industry. In service to them, we are committed to remaining the most vital, vibrant, and innovative service and skills-oriented company in Africa.

iCreate Africa and Enugu SME Center are introducing –The Enugu Skillers Associate — a talent management network that supports the business operations of Artisans within the skillers platform. The Enugu Skillers Associates will manage the business activities of assigned Artisans, including training, branding, marketing, client interactions, and transactions. In simple terms, The Enugu Skillers Associates oversees the business aspect to enable assigned Artisans to focus on honing their skills, project execution, achieving personal and professional goals. This collaborative approach will increase productivity that leads to excellent service delivery and overall customer satisfaction.


ESA is an entrepreneur whose sole business is to manage the affairs and operations of their assigned Artisans.

The role of the ESA is one that requires mostly soft skills to succeed. The best ESA’s have a sixth sense for spotting the right talent. They are excellent communicators. They have the strong ability to build a good rapport and cultivate client trust to generate profitable business opportunities for their assigned Artisans.

Below is a list of the skills aspiring ESA must-have to obtain employment

1. Scout and Evaluating Artisans using industry-specific knowledge.

2. Creating and delivering pitches to prospective clients on behalf of the artisans

3. Using Client Relationship Management (CRM) software to keep track of communication with clients and decision-makers for client opportunities

4. Creating and implementing marketing strategies for Artisans

5. Collaborating with the Artisan to help propel their personal career goals.

For more Information: Visit the webpage for iCreate Africa/Enugu SME Center Empowerment Programme

Originally posted 2022-08-29 19:46:16.