In the Grace OF YOGA Registration With Sadhguru during Mahashivratri

In the Grace OF YOGA Registration With Sadhguru during Mahashivratri

“In the Grace of Yoga” is a unique opportunity to be in Sadhguru’s presence during the auspicious time of Mahashivratri. This year, Sadhguru explores a completely new theme – “The Heart of Yoga,” where he will delve into the very essence of Yoga.

First offered by Adiyogi as a pure science, Yoga has found many expressions over the millennia as different masters offered Yoga in ways that were relevant to the society they lived in.

Join Sadhguru as he cuts through all social and cultural frills, uncovering the unchanging essence of Yoga.”

Why should you sign up

  • Helps boost the immune system
  • Stabilizes the body and mind
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Cleanses the whole system both physically and energetically
  • Helps to experience powerful meditative states
  • Balances out psychological instabilities

Important Information You Should Know

1. I did the program last year. Is it different this year?
Yes. Last year, the program focused on the five elements and Bhuta Shuddi. This year, Sadhguru will explore a completely new theme – “The Heart of Yoga.”

2. How many sessions will there be with Sadhguru?
The program is available in two formats:
The 5-day program is available online or in-person at the Isha Yoga Center, and includes 3 sessions with Sadhguru.
The 2-day program is only available online, and includes 1 session with Sadhguru.
Both formats also include participation in Pancha Bhuta Kriya with Sadhguru.

3. Will Sadhguru guide me through meditations?
The 5-day program (in-person and online) includes powerful meditations guided by Sadhguru.


Originally posted 2022-08-29 20:07:10.