Kabayani Award search 2019/2020 for kabayani youth organizations ( cash prize of Php 30,000.00 + funded trip to kampo-kabataan)

#YORPExclusive | The search is on for the first batch of Outstanding Kabayani Youth Organizations! Submission of entries is until December 02, 2019. You may enlist here: bit.ly/KABAYANIAwards

YORP-Registered Organizations must specify the PYDP Center of Participation that they focus on: Environment, Health, Active Citizenship, Economic Empowerment, Social Inclusion and Equity, Peace Building and Security, Global Mobility, Education, and Governance.

Applicants will be evaluated based on their listed PYDP Center of Participation and the Top Three (3) Organizations will be invited to the 2nd batch of Kampo-Kabataan.


Winners will receive a cash prize of Php 30,000.00.

A customised trophy.

You will be invited for the most awaited kampo-kabataan 2019.

Download the Entry Form here
Application Form

Download and print the form,fill out the forms and complete the required documents,submit the complete forms and complete documents to kabayani.awards@gmail.com

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