Kaduna State Government Shortlist 13,700 Persons for its Civil Service Recruitment

The Kaduna State Government has shortlisted 13,700 persons for the next stage of its recruitment exercise. This shortlist emerged after the essays submitted online by the 41,971 applicants were assessed for plagiarism and Use of English.

On 1st August 2019, KDSG issued a recruitment notice inviting online applications for jobs In the core civil Service and 26 parastatals. At the close of submissions on 26th August 2019, 41,971 applications were received for entry level, middle level and management jobs.

“The Kaduna State Government welcomes the massive response to its recruitment notice and thanks the 41,971 persons who applied from all over Nigeria for their interest.

“The first stage of application processing has now been completed and 13,700 candidates have been shortlisted for the next stage. The shortlist emerged after the essays submitted by applicants were assessed for plagiarism and Use of English.

Applications with a high plagiarism score and essay quality falling below the threshold set by the government will not receive further consideration. Email notices are being sent out to inform all applicants of the status of their applications.

“Applications were received from all the 36 states and the FCT. Kaduna State provided 32,143 of the 41,971 applicants, followed by Kogi with 1,265, Benue 733 and FCT 730. There were 516 applications from Lagos State, 147 from Anambra and 18 from Bayelsa.

“At the end of the first stage assessments, persons aged 35 or below constitute 78.48% of the shortlisted applicants, while entry level applicants are in the majority, with 7,724 candidates. Kaduna State has 10,696 of the 13,700 persons on the shortlist.

“Candidates on the shortlist will receive email notifications of the dates for their computer-based test which is the next stage in the recruitment process.”

Muyiwa Adekeye
Special Adviser to the Governor
(Media & Communication)

Originally posted 2022-08-29 19:24:10.