Kazi Mtaani Latest News Today 29th March 2022

Kazi Mtaani Latest News Today 29th March 2022

MPs have slashed the budget for the Kazi Mtaani programme by Sh1 billion in the mini-budget, dealing a blow to thousands of unemployed youth.

The Treasury had allocated an additional Sh3.45 billion for the programme undertaken by the State Department of Housing and Urban Development, which was a 56.6 per cent increase from the original estimates budgeted for the programme.

Kazi Mtaani was launched in April 2020 to cushion the most vulnerable but able-bodied citizens living in informal settlements from the effects of the Covid -19 pandemic.

But the National Assembly’s Budget and Appropriations Committee has significantly slashed funding for the programme in its report tabled to the House on the mini-budget.

MPs raised the national government budget by Sh12.5 billion of estimates the National Treasury tabled in Parliament in January.

Treasury had sought House approval for additional spending of Sh126.3 billion up from the budget approved last June to provide for additional funding for drought-related spending, security, Covid-19, pending bills, salary shortfalls as well as the August General Election.

Kazi Mtaani Latest News Today 29th March 2022

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