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    Kinesis has numerous benefits for our clinical users, the NHS but most importantly, the patient. Patient benefits: Provides patients with quicker access to consultant advice than a face-to-face appointment may allow. Patients receive faster treatment outcomes in a local setting.

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    All precious metals within the Kinesis system are fully reserved (1:1), fully audited, fully redeemable, and securely held within the insured vaults of Kinesis’ parent company, Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX). For a full explanation of the security and transparency of Kinesis gold and silver holdings – see our Trust and Security page – here.

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    Login to Kinesis A&G; nhs-ccg-wandworth. … Kinesis – Reducing NHS Waitin… 22nd November 2021. Kinesis – Replacing archaic P… 10th November 2021.

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    Kinesis Money | Kinesis Affiliate Program – Allocated, Digitalized, Vaulted Gold and Silver. Kinesis Gold, KAU, Kinesis Silver, KAG