KYEOP Cycle 7B Grants Beneficiaries Update 1: Digital BDS Training

KYEOP Cycle 7B Grants Beneficiaries Update 1: Digital BDS Training

FAQs for KYEOP Cycle 7B Digital BDS Training.

In todays kyeop latest news – Kenya Youth who have been sent the Digital BDS and EAT invite SMS need to respond to 40270 with the same number that received the SMS:

1. Youth can change the language by sending the word change to 40270.

2. If the SMS is not going through, try putting the SIM card in another phone and try again.

3. If you are getting this error message, “Your request has been received successfully. Kindly wait as it is being processed”, it is because you are using a Telkom line, and the system is having a problem with the request. Also Read: KYEOP NITA TRADE TEST REGISTRATION 2022

If you have another number (Safaricom or Airtel), send both the old and new numbers to MSEA officers or contact us on our official lines to activate the change.

4. If you experience delays in SMS responses, kindly remain patient. If you send the response several times, multiple questions will be skipped. If necessary, resend only once; otherwise, the system will skip the questions.

5. If you are getting this error message, “you are not selected for the training”, it means you are sending your response using a number that is not in our system. Kindly use the number that received the SMS from MSEA KYEOP for the training. If you do not have access to that number, send another number you have access to, to MSEA officers or inbox us both the old and new number as well as your ARN.

6. If you don’t receive a response after sending 1. Kindly check your network connection and send the answer with the same line that received the SMS. If you are using a Telkom number, kindly replace it with either a Safaricom or Airtel number and inbox us the details for the number to be activated.

7. THE TRAINING IS FREE OF CHARGE. Youth do not require airtime to undertake the training.

8. There are 9 lessons each. The Entrepreneurship Aptitude Test has 19 questions. Complete all questions to stand a chance to receive a business grant.

Originally posted 2022-08-29 20:15:53.