Latest News on SASSA r350 Grant Payment This Week

Latest News on SASSA r350 Grant Payment This Week

Covid-19 SRD grants are unavailable for collection on certain days. Here is when the R350 grant beneficiaries should not expect to receive payments next week.

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) announced that the Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress grant is not available for collection on public holidays and weekends.

Since the country will be celebrating Freedom Day on the 27th of April, no grant payments will be made on that day.

The payment dates for the R350 grant are as follows (the numbers represent the last three digits of a grant recipient’s ID number):

  • 25 APRIL: 081 & 086
  • 26 APRIL: 082 & 087
  • 28 APRIL: 083 & 088
  • 29 APRIL: 084 & 089

Beneficiaries who receive their grants from the Post Office are reminded that they need to wait for an SMS from Sassa stating that their grant is available before collecting it. This will prevent an unnecessary trip to the Post Office.

There is no set payment date for those who receive their SRD grant payments via their bank accounts. These recipients may withdraw their grants at any time at an ATM or place that is the most convenient for them.

According to Sassa, beneficiaries who receive their grants via their bank accounts could see their payments being processed faster.

The Special Covid-19 SRD grant was introduced by Sassa in 2020 to provide relief to individuals who were unemployed and needed help to take care of their families and themselves during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Originally posted 2022-08-29 21:08:48.