MANCOSA Online Application 2022 Now Open

MANCOSA Online Application 2022 Now Open

MANCOSA has opened their applications for their Intake Two 2022 Registrations. MANCOSA gives you the opportunity to gain a qualification from Higher Certificates to a Doctoral qualification.

Registrations to study at MANCOSA in 2022 are now open!

MANCOSA is a private, accredited business school which offers world-class distance learning with full online digital support, ensuring that your learning journey continues. Their qualifications prepare students for a future filled with many challenging and exciting opportunities.

They aim to be the leading distance education provider that is responsive to the evolving education and training needs of dynamic economies through a commitment to people, opportunity and quality.

Qualifications at MANCOSA range from Higher Certificates to Doctoral qualifications.

Visit the MANCOSA website here to start registering.

The institution offers a  variety of undergraduate, postgraduate and executive learning courses. These courses promote high levels of independence through innovative learning and assessment intervention.

MANCOSA has stated that there is currently no closing date for registrations, but they have advised students to register before the end of July.

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