New Prices For DBE Matric Remarks And Replacement Certificates

New Prices For DBE Matric Remarks And Replacement Certificates

Many people have lost or misplaced crucial documents related to their time in school. Here’s what it will now cost to get these documents replaced.

The South African Department of Basic Education (DBE) has announced changes to the prices of replacement documents, confirmation documents and fees related to grade 12 examinations. These include the price of a remark, re-check and to view your examination scripts.

Here’s How Much A Grade 12 Matric Re-Mark, Re-Check Or Viewing Will Cost You

Year and Tariff 2021/222022/232023/24Remark R104R110R116Recheck R25R27R29Viewing R200R212R220


The option to view your script will only be done if you have signed up for a re-mark or recheck. The time you will have to view your script is 10 days after the release of the re-mark or re-check of your results.

Here’s How Much Matric Replacement Certificates And Other Grade Certificates Will Cost

Certification Year and Tariff 2021/222022/232023/24Replacement and re-issue of a Senior/National Senior Certificate (Matric Certificate)R141R153R164Changes or amendments on certificates (Re-issue)R141R153R164Confirmation document issued prior to certificate (system generated document)R52R55R57Letter to embassy and authentication of qualification (work/study abroad) R52R55R57Re-issue of statement of results (provincial) R52R55R57Replacement of Standard 6,7,8,9 and 10 practical certificates R141R153R164Replacement of a Teacher’s certified statement/diploma R141R153R164Statement for teachers qualification R52R55R57Verification of qualification prior to 1992 for government organisations R52R55R57Verification of qualification prior to 1992 for non-government organisations R75R79R82