Npower beneficiary blames Sadiya farouq over delay in stipend %

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Following unwarranted delay in the payment of Npower beneficiaries October and soon  November stipends and considering the fact that they depend on this peanut to sustain their lives, many of the beneficiaries have started to display their anger. Among them is Mr Clinton who wrote

“With the silence from the SIP management team and the Federal Government concerning the delay in disbursement of stipend, I think it is safe to conclude that this program has gone the way of Sure-P. Two months almost gone, no payment, no communication, no action on the way forward for volunteers as they are all kept in the dark.

The Minister in charge of the new ministry of humanitarian affairs and Disaster management has not deem it necessary to address beneficiaries of the SIP programme which is a sign of irresponsibility and negligence to duty on her part. Over four years of running this program under Vice President Yemi Osibanjo we have never had it this bad, and even when there were little delay in disbursement of stipends, the causes were never hidden from volunteers as there were direct, adequate and prompt communication links between Mr Afolabi either through live chat or through the popular Npower handle to dunce the tension of beneficiaries.

All we have been hearing on social media platforms concerning the causes of the delay of payment of stipends are unverifiable rumours from unauthorized persons which cannot be relied upon. We are appealing with the SIP management team to pay volunteers their two months stipends or rather come out of their shell to issue a press statement to tell beneficiaries the cause of this delay we are experiencing so that their mind can be at rest”.

You will note earlier today, a beneficiary let the cat out of bag that they may be force to act for taking them for granted if nothing is done be Friday.

We keep you posted as soon as Federal Government respond.

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Originally posted 2022-08-29 19:27:26.