Npower news – 2016 Beneficiaries to be disengaged by 2020 – Barrister Isma’eel Ahmad

There is a video interview of Barrister Isma’eel Ahmad, the SSA to President on job creation conducted by Legit in Hausa language which has gone viral on social media.

We thought it will be nice if N-Power 2016 beneficiaries watch the video to prepare their minds on what is coming . Below is the embedded video in Hausa and English transcribed Interview with Barrister Isma’eel Ahmad (Senior Special Assistant to president on Job creation), Concerning the N-POWER 2016 BENEFICIARIES FATE.

JOURNALIST:- What is the fate of these young N-power beneficiaries ?

SSA :- Paradise God grace !

JOURNALIST:– Their fate here in the world.

SSA:– We already told them since the inception of the programme that it is two (2)years programme . So, we wanted them to be saving. Let me tell you something that will surprise you. We made a survey and contacted them. Almost 60% of them now have their own businesses, they started their own enterprise.


SSA:- So, we will Disengage them first, then we will pick another ones. As we budgeted in year 2020 budget we will recruit another N-power batch. But this is impossible unless the pioneer (2016) beneficiaries exited then we can bring new ones. So their fate is that we hope they will be self reliant by then and some of them could have secured a job God grace. We don’t want any one of them to consistently rely on # 30,000 for life. We want them to go beyond that, to progress and some of them already employed God grace.

JOURNALIST:- When the new recruitment to commence ?

SSA :- Next year 2020.

JOURNALIST:- The date specifically sir.

SSA:- We will not specify the date until money is released. But we will do it in time



Originally posted 2022-08-29 19:26:46.