Npower News – Npower Beneficiaries lament over unpaid October 2019 stipend

The delay in N-Power October 2019 Stipends payment has hit hard on volunteers in the month of November as they patiently wait for the payment of their stipend to commence.

The payment of volunteers stipends has now changed from the usual month end payment to first week into the next month. However, the payment of October stipend has taken another level just like in other occasion when beneficiaries get paid at the middle of the following month which they find it difficult to comprehend the reason behind this delay.

Some volunteers took to their social media platforms to express their feeling in regards to this delay. A volunteer said, “We are ready to deliver this country in terms of reviving the standard of our primary and secondary education if only Federal government is ready to give we the youths maximum attention.This is what I go through every day to make a living and you people still hold our stipend for extra month before payment and still called the youths lazy sets of people.”

Another volunteer said, I think by now delay in payment of our stipends should not be a new thing to us. Always give yourself 19days into the next month if it comes before then fine, if not nothing spoil to avoid disappointments and unnecessary comments. God will turn around things for us all, it is just a mater of time.

Nevertheless, the presidency had warned beneficiaries on their work attitude. The Special Adviser to the president on job creation Jimoh Brimah said that N-Power volunteers work attitude is poor. He warned that the scheme was not created to ensure a permanent job for beneficiaries. He explained that N-Power was created to train beneficiaries on how to be independent at the end of their programme. He stated this while condemning the lazy attitude of some beneficiaries toward work.

Originally posted 2022-08-29 19:26:51.