Npower volunteers plea for stipend increment and permanency

Npower Volunteers also appealing for increment in payments as the group that mostly represents Nigerian unity because of it’s selection and composition.

Individuals belief that this is the President Muhammadu Buhari’s program because it formed and progressive during the President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Osinbajo administration to cater for the masses.

Npower is the best group that represents the National unity of Nigeria because it’s free and fair selections got across the 36 states and FCT, comprises all local government, tribes and groups in the country.
Can we say Npower volunteers are forgotten group because of the way the group was recruited? Although The minster for Labour and Productivity recently said that the group wasn’t forgotten by the Presidency, we thank the government for this statement.
Majorities of the volunteers here had completed their NYSC programs and served the nation but the system didn’t permit them to get the real job that they learned in school.

Since the program has the progress and successful impacts on the masses and add to the good achievement of this administration , there’s nothing bad if the Presidency can upgrade the program and allow some benefits to touch the group like those of NYSC, labour unions etc because individuals here are also the citizens of the country and has qualification to be a permanent staff but no connections.

We are very grateful to Presidency for allowing continuing of Npower program, we are also appealing to the Presidency if there’s improvement in monthly payment because individuals here deserves permanent employment to work for over 30year with pension if this cannot be possible here , we appeal that every benefit that’s circulating around those that are serving our country like NYSC, labour union should also reach Npower because individuals here are also serving so that the Npower volunteers here will also join those beneficiaries to hail and praise the government together.

We are also appealing to Presidency to work on permanency bill supported by one Honourable senator for Npower volunteers. We are also speaking for our brothers and sisters who are still depending on their parents for living after graduation that government should remember them without returning anyone here to beggars by sacking or disengage anybody here.

Although Npower has no national union to fight or seek for any benefits but we are appealing to Federal Government that they should allow the benefits that’s circulating around the workers and NYSC to reach out to Npower because majorities here have enough qualifications to be a permanent staff but the system doesn’t allow individuals to get the opportunity.

It’s the Presidency that values abandoned youths who were staying for long without doing anything and gave them this opportunity can still value individuals for improvement .
We are very grateful to President Muhammadu Buhari, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, Honourable Ministers and all Senators that speak in support of Npower.
God bless Nigerians.

Originally posted 2022-08-29 19:29:46.