The word NPVN Acroynm stands for Npower Volunteer Network. Npvn is a platform for N-power beneficiaries  on the log on to their profile that entails all personal information about the volunteer,from bvn,bank details,address,date of  birth,phone numbers,

How do I access my NPVN portal or Profile ?
You can access the npvn portal and your profile via the web. Log on to and then Input your username and password.Note: You must be an N-power volunteer to successfully log on.

The Npvn portal also contains payment status of Npower volunteers,selection of device menu,deployment/redeployment tab for volunteers and resignation tab where volunteers can choose to resign from the N-power programme.

Whats more, the Npower programme has three focus,which is PREPARE,DELIVER AND LEARN. The NPVN platform has a well planned modules for this three focus words to prepare volunteers for the task ahead.

npvn npower gov profile as some will call it or npvn portal my profile, whichever way you choose,is a well sort out platform for the 2016 and 2018 set of N-power beneficiaries. On the npvn platform,volunteers via their Npvn profile dashboard can report issues to n-power staffs.They can also get notifications from the program managers if they have defaulted in one way or the other

Originally posted 2022-08-29 19:24:52.